Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Pashana Lingam - Shiva Temple, Timiri

Hello All,

There is an ancient Shiva temple "Pashana Lingeswarar" in Timiri, 8 Kms from Arcot (on the Arcot-Arni State Highway).  The Shiva Lingam is
very small and is made out of Nava Pashanams , by Kings that ruled Timiri. Fearing that the enemies might invade this place and damage this Lingam, the king , many 100s of years back, kept this Lingam in a tortoise shell, filled with water, and dropped the shell in a Pond in this temple premises.
In 1980s, this Lingam was found in and taken out from this temple's Pond, as per Olai Kurippu(Notes from  saints via Palm Leaf) or Nadi Sashtram that was read in Tanjore.
This temple is maintained now very well by a dedicated old person (Mr.Radha Krishnan - Cell: 93447 30899) who was the king that protected this Lingam in his previous birth. This temple needs valuable support from the devotees, to construct a Hall, and to install few more deities (Muruga, Parvathy...etc).
The Lingam is always kept in Pure Mineral Water, and the Theertham from this temple cures all kinds of diseases, as these Nava
Pashanams have high medicinal importance.  There are lot of people that have got cured from incurable diseases by taking this
temple's miraculous Theertham by Lord Shiva's grace.

Please visit http://pashanalingam.wordpress.com/ to know more details.

As I heard people say "one can visit Shiva temple only if he has Lord's grace. And he can make the best planning, but still cant not visit Shiva temple, unless he has god's grace to visit.". I have truly experienced this. I've made plans many times to visit this temple (during my week long vacation there) which is hardly half a kilometer from my home. But I could not. But there are times I could visit this temple with no plan during my sudden half day trip to my home town from Bangalore.  And I didnt know of this temple until 2006 when there was Kumbabishekam for 1st time for this Shiva. I studied in the next street for 5 years during my high school.  :-)
The guy who told me about this is not able to visit this temple, though he is a big shot financially now in Timiri.
So, I strongly believe (just my opinion, and I need no agreement/buy in from others) that one can visit this temple, only if he/she is blessed to do so, and contribute to this temple's developments.

If you need any help in reaching (or knowing more about) this temple, please contact me rgm19apr78@gmail.com / 0-998 052 6422.

Mohanraj Ganesan.

Note: If you want to contribute to this temple, please contact Swamiji RadhaKrishnan (who lives for this temple) 's Cell: 93447 30899. And his account number is shown below:
INDIAN BANK A/C: 569877199
CBS CODE: 00135


  1. Thank you very much Mr.Mohanraj.
    I too heard about the miracles of this theertham.
    I intend to visit this temple.
    Appreciate your earnest effort in highlighting the importance of the divinity.

    Best regards,

  2. Thank you Mr.Mohanraj for your details about this temple.I want to have a darshan in this temple. can you guide us when and on what day the theertham will be distributed?

  3. The theertham will be distributed on all day Savithri. Just visited the temple all on a sudden...

  4. Dear all
    I am srikanth from Kuwait
    I was there when this Pashana Lingam taken out of pool very soon the new web site will be started for this temple www.omnamasivaya.in

    1. if u know the procedure of making navapashanam help me

  5. I love to donate but I don't know any of these people. Why can't they have a nedhi or trust account.

  6. Sir u can help me which I should visit the temple or mail me at 2jitwoji@gmail.com